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suggestion about tmail


  • eyuswap started the conversation

    i have more idea about tmail for in update..

    1. in the email inbox if there is a link for verification I have to use the mark and copy the link in my opinion is difficult. can you change if in the inbox the e-mail has a real link to click the link and open a new tab on the computer. link on inbox canot click. there must mark and copy link.


    please mark the unread email as read.
    for example, new e-mails are given in bold type.
    and e-mails that have been read are thin.

    3. please add menu footer page . hehe

    i am waiting for update as soon..

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    Harshit replied


    Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

    Let me think through this.

    Regarding #3, TMail design currently doesn't have area for Footer. Can you tell me some information on why the footer is required?