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    1- is my robots.txt good?

    User-agent: * 

    Disallow: /mailbox/ 

    Disallow: /login/ 

    Disallow: /admin/

    2-If I open the same email on another device, it will open with messages 
      -What's the solution
    3-what is Cron Password and  Enable Check for CC Field?
    4- how can make 404 redirect
    5- how make API Key(s)
    - my alt tag in logo is good but i see in website seo is missing !

    sorry for my many questions

    tnank you bro

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    Harshit replied


    Below are my responses:

    1. I'm not sure what you mean by good, it all depends upon your need.

    2. That's the working of TMail. If your users are concerned about privacy, they can delete the emails.

    3. Cron Password is for setting up Cron jobs and Enable Check for CC Field is for checking emails in CC field for receiving emails

    4. What you want to make exactly?

    5. Just make any API key (type anything you want).

    What SEO are missing? Can you please explain?

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    hello support 

    1-  In the first question, are the search engine directives written correctly? (robots.txt)
    2- Is there a way to create automatic random email when requesting the same email?

    3-  When i add alt tag in logo its work i have extension (google chrome) i show alt tag and its green but When tried to check my seo its tell me is missing alt tag

    thank you again mr harshit

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    Harshit replied


    1. Looks fine to me but I would suggest to get an SEO expert opinion on this.

    2. Not at the moment, but that's a good idea. Can you suggest what will happen if you want the access that same email ID which you created let's say 2 days ago?

    3. May be there is some cache issue on other end. Try a different SEO checker?