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  • Aeternus185 started the conversation


    1- Save the email id in the cookies, so that a new one is not generated each time you refresh the website, only when you press generate or delete the cookies.

    2- Add to the administrative panel a section to add the Google AdSense code, which is automatically added to the header as required by Google AdSense.

    3- By changing the colors and the name of the website, which also changes when I enter the administrative panel login.

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    Harshit replied


    Thanks for the suggestions, however, most of them are already availablesmile.png

    1. That's already been done using Cookies. You feel that's not working?

    2. You can add Adsense code in Adspace provided in the Admin Panel.

    3. Is it like good to have feature or really want to have this?

  • Aeternus185 replied

    1- It doesn't work, because as I said before, every time I refresh the website, a new email id is generated, which is a bit tedious.

    2- I'm not talking about the banner code, I'm talking about the code for Google AdSense to accept the request.

    3- It would be pretty good.

    And I want to add another suggestion.

    4- Add notification of terms and conditions, as this is a requirement for acceptance into Google AdSense

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    Harshit replied


    1. May I know your website URL?

    2. You can use Custom Header in Admin Panel -> Configuration -> Advance to put that Adsense code to accept request.

    3. Got it. I have added this to list.

    4. Do you mean a page where someone visiting on your website can goto? 

  • Aeternus185 replied


    2- You're right, I hadn't seen that option.

    4- Yes, and also when entering for the first time a bar or something, where they accept terms and conditions, privacy policies etc.

    In other words, everything necessary for a website to be accepted by Google AdSense

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    Harshit replied

    1. It's working perfectly fine here.


    4. You can create multiple pages from the Admin Panel. Just goto and create new pages and then goto Menu to add those pages to menu.