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  • gullucem started the conversation

    Hello. I've bought TMail system. It worked quite well but I have two questions about it. First, when i try to send an e-mail from Microsoft mail service TMail crashed. Is there something to fix this issue? Second, i want the system to assign just random IDs. When the website first loaded, TMail can assign random IDs but in the 'check e-mails' screen there is a button to create an ID. Is there a way to completely close user-created ID? Thanks in advance.

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    Harshit replied


    1. Can you please explain how exactly TMail crashes? Do you see any error message or something else?

    2. Well, there is on inbuilt feature of disabling the create feature of email. However, you can use the below code to remove the functionality from the front-end

    document.querySelector('.tm-create form:first-child').remove()
    document.querySelector('.tm-create span:first-child').remove()

    Put above code in Admin Panel -> Configuration -> Customization -> Custom JS

  • gullucem replied

    Thank you for your concern.

    1. When I send an e-mail from Gmail, Tmail refreshes page and my e-mail appears. But whan i send from Microsoft Outlook, TMail tries to refresh page and it crashes by doing refresh loop. There will be an attachment of screenshot.

    2. I copied the js code that you sent. It worked good. But when I click any page like home, faq or something else, user-created e-mail ID page appears again. I want users use completely random e-mail IDs. What can i do for this issue?

    3. I want to show users a cookie policy notification bar. How can i do this?

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    Harshit replied


    1. Can you provide FTP login to your server? I will need that to see what is going wrong with Outlook email. Also, is that outlook (desktop app) but mail sent via gmail ID? 

    2. Change the code to following

    document.querySelector('.tm-create form').remove()
    document.querySelector('.tm-create span').remove()

    3. It's not available in current version but I'm planning to launch that in next versionsmile.png