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New Ad Places


  • bloggertism started the conversation

    Hi, I want to place an Ad here

    And also a few between homepage's article. Site url is

    Is this possible? If yes, how?

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    Harshit replied


    That's a good idea, I will try to put a ad_space over there in next version.

    Regarding homepage's article, do you mean ad between 2 blogs? 

  • bloggertism replied

    Thanks I will wait for that feature

    No, not between two blogs...Just like you provided us shortcode for adding WP blogs...Create a new space for ad-codes and provide us its shortcode...So if we add that shortcode between two paragraphs...The Ad would appear the idea?

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    Harshit replied

    You're a rockstar, that's a great idea.

    I will see how this shortcode feature can be implemented with Ads, will need some time to think through this as blogs shortcode is just on the frontend working.

    Thanks for this ideas.